The Carnotaurus
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"Meat Eating Bull"

Class Name

The Charger




Slow to Extremely Fast

Combat Style

Effectively separates humans from a group, can do massive amounts of damage

Threat Level

Very High


A freight train of muscle and power, the Carnotaurus is a near unstoppable juggernaut. Big, mean, and short-tempered, when this bull charges it's best not to stand your ground.


Carnotaurus are mean. Very, very mean; they will charge a human like a bull to a red rag. A rippling powerhouse of muscle and scales with seemingly no sense of fear or caution, Carnotaurus have the uncanny ability to lay waste to all your carefully laid plans of survival. Causing havoc is their speciality. Usually, a fully loaded weapon and a fair amount of teamwork is required to dispatch one of these monsters before they cause the demise of your entire team.

Carnotaurus were originally selected because they were unstoppable in combat, now you’re tasked with… stopping them.

Good luck, you’ll need it.



Bite: Carnotaurus bites down on it's human adversary taking chunks of flesh with it. This is known to cause extreme blood loss.

Head Swing: A wild and powerful attack, the Carnotaurus uses the power of its entire body to swing its head around, sending people flying.

Charge: Carnotaurus runs at full speed, lowers its head and destroys anything and anyone in its path. Don’t get in the way.

Ravenous Roar: For a brief time the Carnotaurus sacrifices the raw damage of its charging attack for the chance to take chunks out of enemies as it passes by them, replenishing its health.

Class Specifics

  • Roaring will cause your attacks to restore health at the cost of damage.
  • Hold sprint to gradually increase your speed. Charging into humans will damage them.
  • Use alt-fire when turning to hit multiple humans with your head.


  • Charge into a group of humans from behind. This will give you the element of surprise and you will also be able to get the first hit on them.
  • Roar if you are low on health and aren't near an Iguanodon carcass. This will allow you to regain some of your health back as you hit humans.
  • Charging into a group of humans is a great way to weaken them and separate them. This will also cause panic. Use this to your advantage to finish off the humans.


  • Carnotaurus was actually a late entry into the five default dinosaur species, it was added due to community feedback and demand.
  • Also due to community feedback and demand is the Carno we have now, as fans wanted a more accurate look for the creature compared with the others.