Human skins are skins that can change how your weapons look, and how you look. They are new models, and they can replace the default skins. Not every human class has a skin, but the ones that do are the Pilot Commando, Agent Trapper, and Dinobuster Pyro.

Pilot Commando

Pilot Commando

Marcus Tyler (AKA “The Commando”) used to be a rather adept pilot before the unfortunate… unpleasantness which of course we never speak of… EVER.

He also liked to wear shirts those days. We think something must have happened to his brain that day that caused this illogical shirtless compulsion but he refuses to see a psychiatrist.

He no longer flies any manner of aircraft choosing instead to keep his feet firmly on the ground but we can at least get a glimpse into his military past even if it doesn’t include mangled propellers, screaming waterfalls and a man named Bert.

Again, we never talk about that but he always seems to get nervous around cliffs.

Agent Trapper

Agent Trapper

Jackson Stone (AKA “The Trapper”) doesn’t spend ALL his time getting his hands dirty and poaching expensive animals around the world. He occasionally likes to kick back and spend his hard earned cash experiencing the finer things in life.

So every now and again he would purchase a very expensive suit pick the most high class establishment he could find and splurge a little on the high life.

He also gets out his solid gold replicas of his preferred hunting weapons for that extra element of flash. They are extremely impractical for a man who prides himself of practicalities but when he puts on the suit and swaggers into a high class joint and orders a martini it doesn’t really matter, he can be whoever he wants to be.

Provided he doesn’t open his mouth and break the illusion.

Dinobuster Pyro

Dinobuster Pyro

Are you troubled by scratching noises in the middle of the night?

Have you experienced woodworm in your basement or attic?

Have you or any of your family ever seen a rat, roach or bat on your property?

If the answer is yes then don’t wait another minute, pick up the phone and call the “professional”…


Relive the glory days of Angus’ pest extermination past, when people certainly never had any regrets about using his services... even in those 17 tragic one off cases where the properties burned down which was sheer coincidence and was rumored to have been an electrical fault.

Bring some old school magic to the Island with this all new, re-purposed attire the fashion world is already dubbing…