The Scientist


Moira Hart








Guildford, England

Current Residence

Okavango Delta Game Reserve, Botswana



Class Name

The Sniper

Combat Style

Strong Ranged Combat


An expert marksman, Moira is no stranger to big game. Her keen eye and precision rifle can destroy targets at range with ease but she’s always in need of backup when the danger gets a little too close for comfort.


Moira Hart is a keen and skilled marksman, she grew up in rural England, she is a Cambridge University graduate educated in zoology, biology and palaeontology. She has many years of experience with animals in various national zoos and is now working at the Okavango Delta Game Reserve in Botswana. She is an expert when it comes to large animals, well educated in the field of palaeontology and a master with a hunting rifle.

It has been determined that, despite a blemished track record regarding her clashes with authority, Moira is a superior candidate for inclusion in the project. There is nobody more qualified for the job at hand.



Sniper Rifle: A pinpoint accurate multi-round magazine rifle that has a high damage rate powerful enough to dispatch dinosaurs quickly.


Dart Gun: A secondary weapon, the dart gun can make dinosaurs sluggish and drowsy. This disorients them for a short time making them an easier target. Overdosing is fatal to smaller dinosaurs.


Cattle Prod: As a last resort, the cattle prod can be used to jolt attacking dinosaurs, draining their stamina. This can at times be the difference between life and death.


  • Use your Sniper Rifle to snipe dinosaurs that are at a distance.
  • Stick with a group of people. The Scientist usually doesn't do very well alone because she doesn't do well in close combat.
  • Use your Dart Gun against big dinosaurs like Carnotaurus and Tyrannosaurus to slow them down. This will make them drowsy and sluggish which makes them a much easier target.
  • If a dinosaur is too close for confort, try crouching down while using the Sniper Rifle. This provides better accuracy for hipfire, and makes it easier for you to no scope the dinosaur attacking you.

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